I grew up around the life insurance business. My father was a successful broker for over 30 years and still services his many clients, even though he’s technically retired. That is the type work ethic & quality of service that I bring to my business…building relationships with people who don’t want to work with anyone else!

It’s my goal to help each of my clients find the right life insurance solution for their unique situation at a price that makes sense for their budget. I want to become your lifelong resource and someone that you feel comfortable referring to friends & family.

During a free consult, I’ll gather information about your health and lifestyle. That allows me to pre-qualify you so that I can look at the right options. That means carriers that will look at your application in the most favorable light. Your unique level of risk will be considered differently against each insurance company’s underwriting guidelines. You’ll improve your odds of approval, not to mention the cost of your coverage,  by applying with the company who’s the best fit for your unique situation.

My ultimate goal as an independent life insurance broker is to help my clients obtain the right coverage. Not only at the best price available, but with the appropriate insurance company for their situation and level of risk. I will never suggest that you apply for the cheapest option if I believe that for one reason or another you will not qualify for that specific insurance policy or if it’s simply an inferior product.

Life insurance is by no means a one size fits all purchase. So reach out today and let’s discuss your options!

-Danny Gallant, Licensed Advisor

Licensed to sell life insurance products in the following states:

AZ#19022516 CO#593845 GA#3250027 MD#3000466493 MI#897140 NC#19022516 NJ#1693981 OH#1226389 PA#883430 TN#2428545  TX#2373367 UT#758014 VA#1109068